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Enterprise Security Software: Maximise Business Value.

Trend Micro™ provides layered content security that interconnects mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. By layering interconnected solutions that share data you can protect your information, end users, data center, and cloud resources from data breaches and targeted attacks.

Turn the Lights on Ransomware (video)

Smart Protection Strategy
Learn how layered, interconnected security protects your organisation better with smart, simple, security that fits.
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User Protection

IT consumerisation brings greater productivity and a more flexible mobile workforce. But it also exposes your data to all the unsecured activities that users engage in constantly with their multiple devices.
Trend Micro™ helps you shift your security focus from devices to user activities—so the benefits of consumerisation don’t come at too high a price.
  • Endpoint Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Email and Collaboration Security
  • Data Security
  • Web Gateway Security
  • Proactive Cyber Security for a Network Defence

    Targeted attacks are customised to penetrate your network with social engineering tactics and cyber threats that defeat standard security measures. Guarding against targeted attacks requires a Network Defence backed by security that is uniquely adapted to defend your organisation and its' unique computing environment from attackers.
    • Deep Discovery—The Core of Network Defence
      Unify defences with centrally managed security, instant visibility, and actionable intelligence.
    Hybrid Cloud Security

    The solutions that secure physical servers can’t adequately protect data in the cloud or in virtual environments.
    Trend Micro™ - the global leader in cloud and virtualisation security—has solutions to secure your journey to the cloud, no matter what platforms and systems you have in place.
    • Deep Security Platform
      Ensure that cloud-hosted data and application servers are protected against today’s advanced threats.
      Optimise protection for physical, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as for virtual desktops.

    Salient Computing Systems can help customers select the right security solution for their specific requirements and budget.  To discuss a solution for your exacting needs all you need to do is contact.  Or if you prefer, request a free quote.

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